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What is a Domain Name?

Without Domain Names, browsing the internet would be like searching through a telephone directory with all the names removed. 

Every website has an IP (Internet Protocol) address that tells your browser where that site is located. A Domain Name acts as a mask for this string of numbers, providing us with a convenient and easy to remember address for the millions of websites we visit on a daily basis.


Why are they important?

We’ve all heard of

How many of you have heard of

At the time of writing, this is the IP address of Google owns roughly 200,000 IP addresses, any of which might point to If you follow the second link and it doesn’t work, the IP address has been changed.

Without an easily recognisable Domain Name, you might never find Google within the constantly growing number of IP addresses that make up the internet.

Choosing the right Domain Name is one of the most important decisions you can make when building a website. The right Domain Name can draw visitors to your site because it is creative or memorable, while a more generic name can cause people to search elsewhere.


Choosing the Right Name


Think Like a User

Your Domain Name should reflect your website’s area of interest. Find out what people are already looking for when searching for your service or product and take note of the websites that stand out. Identity features and selling points that your visitors are most interested in. Incorporating these into your Domain Name can help draw those customers to your website over another.


Make it Brandable

First impressions count, and your Domain Name will be one of the first things a potential visitor learns about your business and website. Think of all the big names on in the internet; Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. They’re all short, easy to type, and instantly recognisable. 

Try to direct someone to your website in a conversation. If you’re struggling, or they arrive at the wrong address, your Domain Name is too complicated. Avoid hyphens and numbers, keep it short and memorable. 


Is it Memorable?

Will someone remember your Domain Name in an hour? A week? A month? This kind of brand recognition can have a huge impact on return business and help spread your name through word of mouth.

Relying on keywords in your Domain Name can bury your website in the thousands of others offering similar services. Use your imagination. Search for a particular phrase or word associated with your trade and build your Domain Name around it. 

Shorter Domain Names are easier to remember and type. Avoid names longer than 14 characters where possible. Numbers can make it harder to read out your Domain Name (Is that a “2” or a “to/too/two”?)


What extension should I use?

The Domain Extension is the part of your Domain Name that appears after the final “dot”. This might be .com,, .info, the list of extensions available has grown over the years to fill a wide range of niche products and areas. 

.com remains the most popular and widely recognised extension, with a pre-existing association with commerce and reliability. Competition for Domain Names with this extension can be stiff however, and in some cases choosing a more specific extension can help your website stand out.

If your company operates within a single country, you might benefit from a .co extension, such as Do you provide information rather than products? Try .info. 


Think Long-Term

Your Domain Name should be the beating heart of your online presence. Changing it further down the line can have significant impacts upon your branding and your search ranking. 

The more specific your Domain Name is to your service, the harder it will become to change those services without making expensive and far-reaching changes. A new Domain can mean new email addresses, new logos, new advertising.

Most importantly, a new Domain Name can erase any association your brand has built within your industry. Choose a name that you can grow into as your business expands.